One of the most stressful moments is knowing there’s something wrong but we lack the ability to precisely identify the problem. We’re forced to use figurative language to describe literal issues, leaving us exasperated. “It’s kind of like…” or, “do you know how when a [insert painful or awkward description of a specific circumstance] – it’s kind of like that…”

Chiropractic therapy may offer a solution if you’ve ever struggled with this. Doctors of Chiropractic have the education, training, and experience to “get it” regarding many bodily health issues.

Many different Chiropractic views define their categories of service differently. Here, we’re going to outline four general “catch-all” categories. These are not official diagnostic terms, but perhaps they can help you feel like someone finally “gets it” regarding your situation.

Aches, Pains, and Migraines

The most common reason patients seek Chiropractic help is because something is hurting them. Some of the most common requests for treatment stem from the following:

• Pain associated with the spinal column – this includes back pain, neck pain, and more.
• Pain resulting from an accident – this includes workplace and motor vehicle accidents, and more.
• Chronic pain – this can include any of the above as well as joint pain or pain associated with nerves. Consistent headaches or migraines may fall into this sub-category.

You’ve Got to Move it, Move it! (Range of Motion)

Stiffness in your joints or muscles, and even soreness, can prevent you from experiencing a full range of motion. “Getting older” is not always the culprit. Chiropractors can prescribe exercise or stretching regimens to supplement their clinical work. Athletes may also experience effective help from Chiropractors in this regard.

Alternative & Collaborative Treatment Plans

The human body is composed of a network of systems. Sometimes, when one system is “out of whack” it can negatively impact-related systems. Chiropractic Doctors focus on musculoskeletal conditions. Their training and experience can complement or even enhance treatment from your general physician.

Sometimes the best approach to an ailment is to address it from multiple angles. Your Chiropractic Doctor may even be able to help you better articulate your symptoms and issues to your general physician.

Stress Relief (Present & Potential)

Lastly, for many people, Chiropractic care simply makes them physically feel good. There may not be any major or life-altering conditions or issues troubling you, but you feel a general “discomfort.” While it’s a low-level inconvenience, it affects your life.

There’s an element of de-stressing that occurs when you’re able to enjoy the benefits of maintenance care. Even more than that, preventative and maintenance care may mitigate inconveniences from becoming problems. If life’s issues are handled when they’re merely inconveniences, they may never develop into full-fledged problems.

Doctors of Chiropractic aren’t magicians. They can’t fix everything, and they can’t stop the tides of time washing against the shore of your life. However, they’re skilled in helping their patients with certain problems. They may be able to better interpret your metaphor about the pain feeling like a mountain climber ice-picking his way up a glacier.

If you’ve read through this article and said, “Hey! That’s me!” then it may be a good time to give us a call and schedule an appointment.