Coletta McGrath, an executive director of a community health centre in St. Catharines, is an avid tennis player who enjoys an active lifestyle. However, a serious car accident, which caused significant damage to her right arm and shoulder, put her tennis playing days in doubt.

Coletta’s arm was successfully treated with the surgical insertion of plates and pins. However, her shoulder remained consistently problematic and cause discomfort and mobility issues well after the accident.

Coletta’s family physician referred her to an orthopedic surgeon, who recommended that she try chiropractic care before considering further surgical options. She referred her to an chiropractor in the Niagara region.

This was Coletta’s first time seeing a chiropractor and she was immediately reassured by his approach. He performed an hour-long initial assessment, answered her questions, addressed her concerns and educated her about her injury.

Her chiropractor recommended that she start with weekly sessions, focusing on manual therapy and acupuncture. This eventually phased into monthly sessions that were reinforced by self-care exercises to strengthen her muscles and increase her range of motion.

After about six months of therapy, Coletta felt that she had almost 100 per cent mobility and function in her shoulder, with no lingering pain or discomfort. She is now enjoying tennis and other sports without worry about her shoulder.

This story was adapted from this article: Shoulder Injuries: Integrating Care, which was published in the Medical Post, in May 2015.

Photo by Lukáš Dlutko from Pexels